I am a Businessman and Entrepreneur...!!!

My Skills !!!


Basically I am expert in C,Java and my most favorite programming language Python.I still on process of learning of this languages.Basically i focused on Python for my research work.


I already complete my 70% work on IP which is based on human eyes. Beside that now I'm working on a Machine Learning project which main purpose is creating Algorithm according to instruction.


I always want to be an entrepreneur from my childhood and always work on it.And already I made my own company Premium BD LTD. with my 3 of childhood friend.


In management i have a lot of experience. From my teen age I'm doing this with a great enjoyment.I don't know why i love to do this. De Soccer Kings FC, School tournament,Falak Clicks(Photography company of my own),Premium BD LTD. this organization was managed by me and now I am doing this thing with Premium BD Streaming.



Since 2010-2015 was my High School Period. This school is situated in our local area and my father was a senior assistant teacher of this school.My high school life is one of the best time i have ever passed in my life.


from 2015-2017 was my collage period. I passed my H.S.C from this collage.

Daffodil International University

After completing my H.S.C then i admitted in B.Sc in CSE in DIU.Thats the turning point of my life i can say it without any doubt.


I am MD. Mahadi Hasan Sany.Now I am at the age of 24.I love to do anything which is related to my dream.I am an entrepreneur.I am also owner of “BeautyBlushed Paris” and C.E.O and Co-Owner of “Premium BD LTD”.My hobby is to materialization of my new business idea, cooking, playing football,traveling and photography.I am also a pious person.I am always to follow the rules of Islam.I love to help the poor people.My hidden talent is management of any business related things.Thats a short summery about me and thanks for visiting my site.
[Note:-I give my own name Sany H. Mahadi according to FB id 😅]


He is Md.Shahriya Islam Rafi.He is a web developer and Admin of CSS.He is also CEO of Plix Promote and Boost BD and Premium BD LTD. He is owner of tunerpage.com.He is also my business partner and BFAM.
Shahriya Islam Rafi
Partner and Working with Rafi
Md.Ikhtiar Alam Pranto.He is the CEO and Co-owner of Premium BD Streaming.He is an active worker of BCL.He is one of my guardian .
Ikhtiar Alam Pranto
Partner and Working with Pranto
Tazim is completing his B.Sc in CSE from Punjab State University.He is my business partner.My upcoming business project 'BeautyBlushed Paris' will need lot of imported product which will import by him.He is also my friend and BFAM.
Tazim Hawk
Working with Tazim